The Winter Fair is coming!

In Communications by Elisa

I can’t tell you how excited I am for the Equinox Winter Fair on Sunday, December 4th between 11 am and 3 pm. With a son in Grade 3, this is a tradition our family hasn’t skipped in our previous four years at Equinox, and we’re looking forward to celebrating year five!

The Winter Fair has something for everyone. The main foyer area, a few rooms, and the gym transform into a fantastical place students, families, teachers, and friends enjoy together. It’s a combination of kid chaos and magical moments all wrapped into one afternoon.

Never been?

I think it was a smart move to sell tickets at the door. Everything from buying treats at the snack table to purchases in the Children’s Store, entry to the Woodland Pond, a visit with the Pocket Fairy, and seeing the Fortune Teller are all priced in tickets. Kids can easily budget and manage their own purchases with the tickets you give them.

But what, you ask, is a Woodland Pond, a Pocket Fairy, and a Fortune Teller? Let me tell you, the Winter Fair at Equinox is like no other. You have to come and see it for yourself to truly understand the magic of this once a year event.


The Children’s Store: only children allowed! The store is stocked with lovely handcrafted items generously created by families in the community. I’ve seen felted gnomes, jars of homemade playdough, hand-sewn bat masks and many other pieces that have become prized possessions. Sometimes the kids use their tickets to buy treasures for themselves, other times they pick up holiday gifts for others. It’s sweet.

The Pocket Fairy has to be seen to be believed. It’s the magical cape lined with pockets – each pocket holding a secret gift. The child gets to pick a pocket – or does the pocket pick a child?

The Fortune Teller administers advice and insight, nothing serious but don’t trifle, all will be told… er… well, you’ll get some sort of wisdom from the one sitting behind the crystal ball. It’s pretty inspirational and lots of fun.

Take a magical tour through the Woodland Pond and meet some of our mythical creatures. We need your help to create the Woodland Pond. Please consider ordering your holiday tree through Equinox this year. We will lovingly display all 40+ pines at the Winter Fair, including in the Woodland Pond, to be admired by all. After the fair, you can pick-up your tree to enjoy the rest of the holiday season with your family.

The gym is full of fun, from face-painting, performances and music to treats, crafts and the bake sale. There are raffle baskets that each class has put together on display. They’re filled to the brim with great goodies for the family so don’t miss your chance to get the winning ticket in the raffle of your dreams.

See You There

It’s an amazing experience from beginning to end. Equinox has such an incredible community, and everyone works together to make it an unforgettable event. It takes tremendous efforts and a huge roster of volunteers to hold the Winter Fair, both leading up to the fair and on the day of. If you have some time or crafting skills to donate, don’t hesitate to contact the Winter Fair to see how you can help.

A portion of the proceeds raised from the Winter Fair goes to support the Glen Rhodes Food Bank.

Hope to see you there!

Elisa Keay