All JK to grade 8 spots have been filled for this school year.

Any applications received will be placed on the school waitlist. Equinox will NOT accept your child’s application, nor add them to our waitlists, if they are under 4 years old the year they apply. 2019-2020 JK applications are accepted from January to mid-February.

Do you have a question?

 This website was specifically designed to answer commonly asked questions by parents/caregivers, such as how to apply to our school and when our next Open House is being hosted. We kindly ask that you please take the time to read through our website first, to see if your question has already been answered, prior to contacting us through the email form below. Thank you.




This site is run by parent volunteers of the Equinox School Council. This contact form automatically goes to both the School Council and the Equinox front office.