Food and Beverage Policy

What is the School Food and Beverage Policy?

The Ontario Government introduced the School Food and Beverage Policy in 2011 to “contribute to improved education and health outcomes for all students”. The policy applies to all school boards, and all food that is sold at school. You can read about it here:

Does this policy apply to our after-hours school events and bake sales?


What can I bring to our events and bake sales?

Thank you for contributing your time and goods to our school – we rely on this generosity from our parents and are grateful for it. Generally speaking, please bring items that are low in sugar and unhealthy fats, and are in keeping with Equinox’s holistic environment. More specific guidelines can be found in the policy itself.

Does the chocolate milk sold in the cafeteria meet the policy requirements?


Are there any exceptions to the policy?

Schools are granted up to 10 exemption days from the policy, during which less healthy foods are permitted. However, even during exemption days, the policy recommends that 80% of items sold still fall within their healthy guidelines, while 20% may fall outside of it. Foods that have very limited or no nutritional value, such as candy and deep-fried foods, are discouraged altogether.

Several of the exemption days at Equinox are used by our annual and regular events, such as Winter Fair and our Movie Nights.

I am running an event, and would like an exemption to the policy. How do I get one?

You must speak to the principal to request permission for an exemption day.