Helpful Resources

Here are some of the resources that might help you understand Equinox's history and practices.

The Equinox Community Lending Library

A collection of books for parents, guardians, and educators to borrow. Topics cover social justice, Indigenous culture, small-scale gardening, mending, environmental stewardship, parenting, and more. Pop into the office to browse the shelf and to sign out the title of your choosing with Jodi. Click here to see the book list.

The Holistic Curriculum

This book examines the philosophical, psychological, and social foundations of holistic education, and discusses practical applications, including those in Equinox classrooms.

Natural Curiosity

Natural Curiosity 2nd Edition is an educator resource that supports children’s environmental inquiry through the lens of Indigenous perspectives.

Whole Child Education John P. Miller

Equinox Holistic Alternative School was founded using the principals outlined in this book by John. P. Miller also known as Jack Miller.

Whole Child School Proposal

Equinox Holistic Alternative School used to be called Whole Child School. This is the original proposal for the creation of our school. Some things have changed organically since then, moving from theory to practice – and with new possibilities, including more outdoor learning spaces.

Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum

Discover more about the curriculum for each grade listed by subject. This guide can help you to better understand your child’s education.