Application Process

JK Admissions Process

Junior Kindergarten (JK) admissions are based on a lottery process at Equinox due to limited space available—20 JK spots. Your child must be turning 4 the year you apply for JK. For example, if your child is turning 4 in 2021, then you may apply for JK. Please complete an application for Equinox when applying for JK.

JK applications for the 2021-22 school year will be accepted Jan. 1 – Feb. 12, 2021.

For those families who are participating in the JK lottery. Please note, the lottery will occur in February and is supervised by the TDSB Superintendent, Principal, Office Administration and a Parent School Council Representative. All families who entered the lottery will be contacted by the end of February to confirm if their child has received a placement or if they are on the waitlist for JK.

Equinox kindly asks that JK lottery applicants do NOT contact the school front office during the month of February to follow up about their applications. Interruptions during the processing of hundreds of applications are challenging to manage and cause delays. We thank you for your patience and support. An Equinox representative will contact you when they have an update on your child’s JK application.

Students offered a placement must complete an Optional Attendance form and have it signed by their home school’s Principal.

Waitlist Admissions Process

For all other grades you can apply anytime and you will get added to the current waitlist for your child’s grade. The sooner you apply, the closer you are to the front of the waitlist.

Only those applicants who RECONFIRM with our school front office at the start of each new year are moved forward to the next year’s waitlist. Please confirm you still want to remain on the upcoming 2021-2022 school year waitlist between Jan. 1 and Feb. 12, 2021.

Please mark your calendar if you think you’ll still be interested in future years. This ensures our waitlists stay current each year. If you miss this important waitlist deadline, you risk losing your spot and being moved to the end of the waitlist. No exceptions will be made.

Placement offers for waitlist students are made in June, the last week of August, and in early September.

The school is closed for July and most of August. It reopens the last week of August. No offers will be made while the school is closed for summer. Equinox contacts only those students who are being offered a spot. TDSB freezes all alternative school’s enrolment after mid-September. If your child has not received a placement offer by mid-September, then they will have to wait until the following school year to see if a spot at Equinox becomes available in their grade.

The waitlist varies from year to year, but just to give you an idea, there are more than 90 JKs on the waitlist (those who did not get in during the lottery process). The SK waitlist numbers are approx. 25. The waitlist for Grade 1 is approx. 15. Each grade has its own waitlist, and the waitlist numbers tend to drop as the grades get higher.

Equinox is a Toronto District School Board alternative school and as such is open and FREE to anyone residing in Toronto (map).


Completed application forms can be dropped off at the school, mailed, faxed (416-393-9553) or emailed to

Application Form (PDF)
Visit Our School

Equinox is not able to accommodate individual personal visit requests at this time. We receive a large number of requests to tour and observe the school but due to staff time constraints and also to maintain the integrity of the program and the privacy of our students, we have had to limit the number.

An Equinox Open House is held once a year in mid-January. While we can’t invite you inside our school, we’ve asked our students and teachers to tell you a little about their experience. Watch our school video.


For more information about the school, please click the button below or visit the TDSB site, and look under Equinox:

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