How Does the Winter Fair Work?

Why do we have a winter fair?

The Equinox Winter Fair celebrates our school’s values – Waldorf-inspired, nature-based, heart-centered, and holistic. It’s a whimsical tradition for the whole community, especially for those new to the school. The fair offers enchanted experiences for younger children and leadership opportunities for older children.

For four hours every December, our school is transformed into a winter wonderland full of magic, joy, and wonder. We decorate the school with twinkling lights on an evergreen forest, and kids experience an enchanted woodland pond. They also get to feel independent as they carefully select and purchase handmade gifts from the Children’s store. The oracle tells fortunes, and the Pocket Fairy brings joy to all who see a glimpse of them and receive a small gift.

The fair is a huge part of our fundraising efforts for the school to support the arts, sports, and academic enrichment. A portion of our profits goes toward the food bank.

How to participate:

We have transitioned to passports this year to create an easier, more streamlined process for accessing activities. Passports give children access to the six core winter fair activities. The purchase of this passport will also include ten tickets that can be used for food, baked goods, and treasures from the children’s store. Kids can choose how best to spend their tickets and create a magical and memorable experience.

Passports are available until the fair on School Cash Online, or you can purchase your passport, tickets for the raffle and additional tickets for food/children’s store directly at the fair! Please note that cash is preferred on the day of. Most families budget $20-$40 / day per child, including the passport.

The Equinox Winter Fair is an inclusive event, and we want everyone to feel welcome. If a financial or social barrier prevents you from volunteering or attending, please get in touch with the Winter Fair Head Fairies (Kelly Edmunds or Sarah Grant) directly or to the school so we can provide accommodation. Complimentary tickets for the Winter Fair will be available.

Raffle Baskets:

Themed Raffle baskets are created by each Equinox class. All children get one free ticket one week before the fair. Additional tickets are sold at the fair and after school the week before the fair. Winners are announced 30 minutes before the end of the fair. Raffle basket tickets are separate from the tickets purchased in your passport.

Food & Baked Goods:

Homemade food and treats will be available in the gym, all supplied by our generous food fairies. Please note that the food and treat fairies do not handle cash, so you must purchase TICKETS for these items.

Quiet Room:

Also new this year is our Quiet Room, which is located in the library. This is a beautiful opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of the winter fair and unwind. Crafts and games will be provided!

Artisan Market:

The Winter Fair Artisan Market features approximately 25 local artisans offering various wares, such as artwork, knit goods, toys, pottery, cosmetics, and more. Our goal is to support and promote local artists. The market is located in the gym!