Teacher gifts – a group effort

In Communications by Elisa

Put down the mug filled with jelly beans, and step away from the aromatherapy candle, at Equinox there’s this cool idea for teacher gifts that’s caught on over the years: Group gifting!

If you haven’t yet heard about this, get ready for a pleasant surprise at how easy this is – it just makes sense. Jodi has a folder in the office. Each teacher has a card and envelope. You can put whatever amount of money you want into the envelopes of the specific teachers and even staff that you choose. It’s all confidential and up to you. If the budget is tight, just sign the card, a contribution is not obligatory. It’s just a nice way for families to pitch in and buy a group gift from the classes to their teachers.

Your child’s classroom parent volunteer will then collect the card and envelope and use the money to buy a gift card from a source that the teacher will appreciate. It may be for books, it may be for sporting gear, it may be for dining at a favourite restaurant. If you have a suggestion please share it with the class parent volunteer.

These gift cards have always been well received and much appreciated. It’s a great tradition for holiday and end-of-year gifts at Equinox. Of course, if you’d like to do your own thing, you’re more than welcome, there is no obligation or expectation. It’s just a nice alternative way to do the teacher gift – both affordable and easy.

Pop in to the office, Jodi takes care of this all. Just bring exact change because Jodi doesn’t have any.

Hope the winter vacation comes quickly and that everyone enjoys some time off of school to share with family and friends, I know we will!

Season’s Greetings!!

Elisa Keay