Winter Fun at School: Skating

In Life at School by Marco

2014-02-12 14.08.00

It’s coming to an end soon, but volunteering at the skating outings with my son’s class has been a blast this year.

Although we’ve had to cancel two sessions due to extreme cold “polar vortex” conditions, the kids have had lots of fun. Sure, it’s cold. But, like a recent P.I.N.E. Project article tells us, cold is a great time of year to build resilience.

The walk to and from Greenwood Park alone seems to be a lot of fun for the kids. Lots of chatter, laughter along the way. At the rink, everyone enjoys this winter Canadian pastime. It’s a good opportunity to not just skate with the kids, but to play, learn, be silly.

We’re usually there with the Grade 4 class. I’ve really enjoyed observing how the kids play with each other. Older kids help younger kids who are just learning how to skate. The interactions are great. I love seeing how helpful older Equinox kids are with their schoolmates. Lots of great long-term bonding going on there.

Kids helping kids skate.

Kids helping kids skate.

And, while the focus is on skating, there’s plenty of socializing and hanging out going on.

2014-02-12 14.09.36

Hanging out and taking a break together on a snow pile.

2014-02-12 14.40.12

Taking a rest, maybe watching some of the hockey playing going on at the neighbouring rink.

While the kids are a bit more tired at the end, the walk back to school is generally as animated, chatty and playful as the way down.

If you haven’t skated at Greenwood Park yet this season, there’s still time to check it out. It’s a great meandering skate, more enjoyable than just skating in a circle.

A big thanks to parents who bring their car to shuttle bags of skates and helmets back and forth to the school. Without a doubt, your help makes a difference in how much more fun those walks are! :-)