Winter Fair – great fun and a great success!

In Communications by Elisa

This year’s annual Winter Fair was a tremendous success. Thanks to everyone who supported and attended the event. We raised $7,546!
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Thank you to all the parents that participated in the Winter Fair committee. We could not have done this without you: Heather Bell, Kerri Wylie,
Barbara Holloway, Boriana Karan, Julie Kikman Toporoski, Kat Simoes, Denise Blinn, Chun Chu, Elicia Vine, Genevieve Lennox, Erin Stoik, Joanne Murphy, Manjit Bumrah, Kelly Drennen, Chris Thomas, Angel Riccio, Cherokee MacLeod, Gabriela Hubenova
Thank you, Mark Lasso, Christopher O’Shaughnessy and Jodi Armstrong for all your support and assistance leading up to the event and to Marcia Mcvean for being our staff host.Thank you, to our local businesses providing donations and support:
Snap Photo Booth / Simon Milberry, Home Depot (Gerrard Square), The Carrot, Green Beauty, Dough Bakery, Foodland, 100 Mile Child, Royal Beef, Loblaws (Don mills & Leslie), JCo Junk, Noah’s Natural Foods, Vibrant Lifestyle, Bill’s Garden & Design, Grassby Construction Inc., Mojo Props and Set Dressing Inc.
Thank you to over 100 volunteers – parents, grandparents, teachers and students – who worked behind the scenes leading up to the event and manned stations or entertained us on the day of. We could not have done this without you!
Thank you!