Equinox Newsletter – Vol. 8

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 SCHOOL NEWS – January’s Character Education trait is “Teamwork”. 

Important School Information

One of the best ways to stay up to date with the most current school information is to check us out and/or follow us on Twitter. You can check at https://twitter.com/Equinox_Roden or sign-up for an account and follow us @Equinox_Roden. We share the latest school news and helpful information about learning & the community for parents AND children. Check us out and never miss a thing!

School & Home Communication 

Communication between school and home is very important so we kindly ask our families to regularly review our bi-weekly newsletters, websites, Twitter updates, students’ agendas/information packages, council bulletin boards, posted flyers and any letters/flyers that come home with students. Much of this information is cross-posted as well to ensure that it is accessible to all.

Following the board’s Parent Concern Protocol, classroom concerns should be directed to the specific teacher. School-wide or more serious concerns may be directed to the administration. Matters related to school council may be shared with a member and discussed within this forum. Messages for staff may be included in student communication books, phoned in, left in the office or emailed if the teacher has approved this method.

Please help us be more efficient by carefully considering your queries. We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible however emails may take up to 5 days or more due to the volume we receive. To ensure the safety of our students and to ensure your matter is appropriately addressed, please avoid discussions with staff at entry or dismissal times or while staff are on supervision duty. Please leave a message for them in your child’s agenda or in the office. If it is an emergency, please call the school directly.

Free Trial of the Real Food Lunch Club

As you may already know, Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK) provides hot, healthy lunches every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to interested children and teachers at our school. Between January 27th and February 14th, they’re offering all children not currently registered a free one-week trial of the lunch program. If your children are interested in participating please call or email RFRK at lunchclubs@rfrk.com or call 416 410 5437 x 122. They will respond to confirm your registration and provide you with all the details you and your child will need to participate. This promotion is only being offered for 3 weeks (January 27th to February 14th) and spaces are limited, so contact them as soon as possible! For more information about Real Food for Real Kids, please visit www.rfrk.com.

Real Food for Real Kids Lunch (RFRK)

In addition to our Monday to Thursday plan, parents may also sign their child(ren) up for a two-day program for Monday and Wednesday. For information and to sign up, please contact Karen Hoyle, RFRK School and Camp Manager at 416-410-5437 ext. 122.

The Report Card Process – Part Three – The Parents’/Students’ Role 

In previous newsletters, we reviewed the teachers’ and principal’s role in the report card process however, equally important, is the involvement of both the student and parent. It is important for parents and teachers to stay in regular contact throughout each term and for teachers to do the same with students. Report card results should never be a surprise to anyone.

When parents receive the report, they should review it carefully with their child, praising the areas of strength and noting areas for improvement. Parents with any concerns or questions should ensure that they meet with the teacher at least once each term. The evening of the Thursday after reports go home and the following Friday morning are usually set aside for parent/teacher meetings. Preparing questions with their child will help in the meeting. Since most meetings last between 10 to 20 minutes, if more time is needed, communicate that with the teacher ahead of time for alternate arrangements. It is often beneficial to involve the child in the meeting as well. Having them comment and ask questions about their progress is important as the report is all about them.

Parents are also encouraged to complete and sign the comment section of the report card and return it with their child or at the parent/teacher meeting.

Students Raise Funds to help Typhoon Victims

Students from A43, Mr. Lam’s class, travelled around the school asking for donations to the Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Fund. They raised $192.05 by going to classrooms from both Equinox and Roden schools. A cheque was sent before the holidays, and the Canadian government matched that amount bringing the total to $384.10. Thank you to everyone who contributed!


Jan. 23 Equinox Open House, 6pm – For prospective students and their families

Jan. 24 P.A. Day – No School for Students

Feb. 11 Report Cards Go Home

Feb. 12 School Council Meetings – Roden @6pm & Equinox @7:20pm

Feb. 17 Family Day Holiday – School is Closed

Mar. 07 P.A. Day – No School for Students

Mar. 10-14 March Break – School is Closed

Mar. 20 Lice Check – Volunteers Needed – Please contact the school and leave your info