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Call Out for ReadUp Volunteers

The very popular ReadUp Club is looking for volunteers to read with children on Tuesdays between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. in our library. No teaching experience is necessary and volunteers are given a quick training session on how to read with the children. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about the ReadUp Club, please email or speak to Mr. O’Shaughnessy (christopher.o’shaughnessy@tdsb.on.ca) or simply show up in the library on Tuesdays.

Breakfast Club “Thank You’s”

A big thank you goes out to Julie for the Ziplock Bags, Guillermo and Grandpa Larry for the two bushels of apples and the six dozen farm fresh eggs, Arlene Irwin for the two jumbo boxes of cereal, Dianne and Starbucks for the gourmet oatmeal raisin cookies, Jayden’s mom for the microwave oven for Heather’s Snack Room, Piero Guadagnolo from Dave and Charlotte’s No Frills for their very generous donation of a $50 gift card and Chef Elenora for her donation of 8 boxes of freezer bags and 3 boxes of compost bags.

The Report Card Process – Part One – The Teacher’s Role

Teachers begin the process for writing report cards at the beginning of each term by choosing what subjects, learning skills and overall and specific expectations will be covered. Once numerous assessments have been completed for the various expectations, teachers begin the evaluation that translates into grades or marks in each subject and learning skill. In classes with detailed and frequent communication, these grades are rarely a surprise to students and/or parents.

Comments are then added that describe the expectation and level of achievement attained. For students with Individual Education Plans (IEPs), the marks/grades and comments may be modified based on the goals that are updated each term. These comments come from a mix of sources including curriculum documents, comment banks, colleagues and the teacher. Since students in the same class cover the same expectations, comments are often similar however good reports are written in a way that makes each one read as personal and unique.

Teachers will also look for trends in their reporting that could indicate strengths, areas of concern or other information that can inform their teaching and programming. The teacher and a colleague then edit each report to ensure they are complete and accurate before submitting to the principal for review. Look in the next newsletter for part two of this series – The Principal’s Role. Page 2 of 2

School Fees and Financial Support

We DO NOT charge our families any fees for required materials or programs in our school. These costs are covered through the school budget or through the generous financial support of our school council and/or community partners. Non-required materials and excursions are the only exception where we ask parents/guardians to provide some of the costs. As always, if any of our families are experiencing financial challenges that may not allow their child(ren) to fully participate in school activities, please contact a school staff member with whom you feel most comfortable and financial assistance will be provided. We want to ensure that students have an equal opportunity to fully participate in their school experience.

After-School Safety

After a number of after-school incidents of children being physically aggressive with each other and siblings, damaging school property and playing dangerously while parents and caregivers are nearby and not watching or allowing it to occur, we are kindly asking all our families to be extra vigilant and to abide by our Code of Conduct while on school property. Even though it may be after school hours, all people using our grounds must play safe and be properly supervised and we need the parents and caregivers of our students to help. Please closely supervise your children and don’t allow them to play or act in a way that wouldn’t be allowed during school hours.

Weather Guidelines

On all cold and/or wet days, we kindly ask parents to make sure their children are properly dressed for the weather and not to attend school before 8:45 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. (if they go home for lunch). Please check the forecast BEFORE sending children to school to ensure they are properly dressed for the day’s weather. During the cold winter months, it may be necessary for students to remain inside or have a reduced recess time, particularly when the wind chill falls below -20 degrees Celsius (according to Environment Canada). Decisions such as these are made after consulting TDSB policy, neighbouring schools as well as local conditions. Information about students who require special consideration due to medical conditions should be shared with school staff along with a note from the child’s physician.

School & Home Communication

All students have received an information package and/or agenda with important reminders and school information and our newsletters come home as often as possible depending upon the volume of information to share. Following the board’s Parent Concern Protocol, classroom concerns should be directed to the specific teacher and school-wide or more serious concerns may be directed to the administration. Matters related to school council may be shared with a member and discussed within this forum. Messages for staff may be included in student communication books, phoned in, left in the office or emailed if the teacher has approved this method. Please help us be more efficient by carefully considering your queries. Staff will endeavour to notes and phone message within 48 hours – emails may take up to five days due to the large volume received. To ensure the safety of our students and to ensure your matter is appropriately addressed, please avoid discussions with staff at entry or dismissal times or while staff are on supervision duty. Please leave a message for them in your child’s agenda or in the office. If it is an emergency, please call the school directly.


Nov. 14 Reporting to Parents Evening, 4 to 8 p.m.
Nov. 15 Reporting to Parents Morning, 9 to 11:45 a.m. – No School for Students
Nov. 20 Photo Retake Day
Nov. 29 Pizza Lunch
Dec. 08 Equinox Winter Festival
Dec. 11 School Council Meetings, Roden @6pm and Equinox @7:20pm – Childcare Provided
Dec. 16 Equinox Winter Concert, 6 p.m.

Important School Information

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