The Roden and Equinox School Councils are working together to try to set-up a new lunch service at our schools using a third-party provider called Kids Lunch Program. It is a flexible service that allows parents to custom order their child’s daily lunch and snacks to meet their unique needs and requirements. A minimum commitment of 35 Roden/Equinox students are required for this lunch service to occur.

If you are interested in participating in this parent paid-for lunch service, please fill in the form below by September 15th. The Equinox School Council will confirm with those who have completed the form if we have enough interest to run this program or not.

THIS FORM IS TO CONFIRM THE INTEREST LEVEL ONLY!!! The actual registration for the lunch program will occur once we have confirmed their is enough people who want to participate. This service is not paid for or subsidized by the school or School Council.

I am interested in the Lunch Service Program.