Starting this June 7th students who order the Roden/Equinox hot lunch program in grades 1-8 will be invited to come down to the gym to grab their meal either on a reusable plate or in a reusable take-out container which will be provided. Students will be able to pick and choose exactly what they want to eat from the items being served, how much they want of each item, and request how items are served to them by our lunch staff (i.e sauce on the side, more of one item and less of another, etc.).

Only grade 1-8 students who ordered lunch will be allowed to eat in the gym. Both gym doors will be left open for increased air circulation. Tables will be spaced well apart.

Kindergarten students will continue to be served in their individual classrooms; however, they will now be able to pick and choose exactly what they want to eat and how much from the array of food options served by our lunch staff on reusable plates provided.

All plates, take-out containers, cutlery and tables will be sanitized in-between services.

This updated June lunch service process will:

  • better empower students to make their own food choices;
  • enable the program to bring back student favourite meal options (i.e. breakfast for lunch, tacos, etc.) which do better being served in-real time vs. prep-packed;
  • make it much easier for students to get additional helpings of their favourite items;
  • greatly reduce overall food waste; and,
  • help decrease the rising lunch program supply/labour costs.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as the lunch program transitions to the updated model.

Thank You

President’s Choice Children’s Charity for Your Support!

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