P.I.N.E. Needs your help! A few minutes of your time is all it takes

In Communications, Outdoor Education, P.I.N.E by Elisa

PINE, a vital part of our school program, have come to us for help.

They are in discussion with the city and are under threat of having to assume some massive permit fees and administration costs. ($20-30,000!) If this happens, the expense will be passed on to participants, which would likely put PINE out of the school’s reach financially.

How you can help:

PINE is asking for any kind of supporting documentation as to the importance of continuing the program.

This includes pictures, drawings, letters, poems – these can be from either parent or child perspective – or both, as a combined effort.

It can be anything that conveys your feelings about PINE and why the program needs to remain accessible to our school and the community beyond.

They are under a time crunch and have asked us for any support possible within a week’s time. Please consider helping out if you can. Benefitting PINE benefits the Equinox community – it’s been a great partnership and a much loved part of the curriculum. Submit written documentation to aly.ostrowski@gmail.com and submit physical documentation (pictures, art, etc.) through your child’s teacher or directly to the office at 12 St. Annes Road.

Those interested can read the full PINE message and call to action here: PINE call for support