Equinox Newsletter – Vol. 4

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School Fundraising Plan

Directives from the T.D.S.B require each school to create a fund raising plan for each school year. This plan is be developed in consultation with all our community partners as well as our school fundraising committee and serves as a template for subsequent years. The majority of the funds raised through the school are coordinated by the school council. These are reported upon at each meeting. School staff often coordinate most charity-based fund raising that is collected and donated to the respective charities. For more information please attend the school council meetings or contact the school directly.

After 3 P.M. Childcare

For a variety of reasons, including the alignment of our Kindergarten dismissal time with that of other schools, some of our families may be looking for after 3 p.m. childcare beginning at 3:00 p.m. Interest was solicited in the spring but did not meet the minimum of 20 paid families. Interest is once again being solicited so please contact either school office indicating your interest, number and ages of children and times and days of the week that childcare is required or desired. Be sure to leave your own name and contact information.

Roden Email List

In an attempt to reduce paper and distribute school information electronically, we would like to continue compiling the Roden Email List. If you would like to receive school information via email, please email the following information to Mr. O’Shaughnessy at (christopher.o’shaughnessy@tdsb.on.ca):

Parent’s names (first and last) – Student’s name(s) (first and last) and grade level – Email Address

Call Out for ReadUp Volunteers

The very popular ReadUp Club is looking for volunteers to read with children on Tuesdays between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. in our library. No teaching experience is necessary and volunteers are given a quick training session on how to read with the children. If you are interested in volunteering or have any questions about the ReadUp Club, please email or speak to Mr. O’Shaughnessy (christopher.o’shaughnessy@tdsb.on.ca) or simply show up in the library on Tuesdays.

Terry Fox Run Donations

Thank you to Philip and Mr. Poon for coordinating a fun and entertaining run last Thursday. Through the hard work and dedication of our students, staff and families, we were able to raise a combined total of just over $650 for cancer research and the Terry Fox Foundation. Thank you to all for making this such a success!

Purolator Supports our Breakfast and Snack Programs

A big “thank you” goes out to Purolator for donating $200 to our Breakfast and Snack Programs as part of their Tackle Hunger initiative. Since 2003, Purolator has focused its attention and efforts on what they believe to be one of the most fundamental and pressing issues facing our communities today – hunger. Therefore, in keeping with their commitment to help alleviate hunger across Canada, Purolator focuses its philanthropic support on hunger-related causes with food banks across the country. Purolator’s expertise in logistics enables them to assist local food banks in moving more food to more people who desperately need it. Through their ability to reach virtually every destination point in Canada, they believe they are making a meaningful difference in the fight to end hunger. Since 2003, Purolator has helped deliver more than the equivalent of 5.5 million pounds of food to local food banks across Canada. Thank you Purolator!

If you would like to make a donation to our programs that service students in both schools, please contact the office.

Looking for School Information? 

Families of students in Gr. 1 to 8 are reminded to read their child’s agenda inserts for important information about the school and our processes and procedures. This information will help answer many questions that come up throughout the year. Families of Kindergarten students will be receiving their package very soon as we are awaiting the delivery from the printer.

Equinox School Council

We received a total of ten self-nominations for the Equinox Council. Since this number still remained at or below twelve, all that accepted were acclaimed onto council. Please welcome our new members:

Cherokee MacLeod – Co-Chair

Carol Chandran – Co-Chair

Erin Stoik – Secretary

Heather Bell – Roden Council Liaison

Joanne Murphy – PINE Committee Co-Chairs

Julie Zikman Toporoski – PINE Committee Co-Chairs

Kelly Drennan – Classroom Parent Rep. Coordinator

Amanda Taplin Milberry – Alt. Schools Advisory Committee Rep.

Lauren Baker – Member at Large

Irit Kelman – Member at Large

Carla Troper – Member at Large

Mark Lasso – Principal

Council will also have representatives who will work with school administration on the subjects of safe schools, school improvement, staffing and budget. The first full council meeting will be this coming Wednesday at 7:20 p.m. If there are parents that are still interested in serving on the council or would like to volunteer to help with any of the above roles, please leave a message in the council mailbox in the main office or email equinox@tdsb.on.ca.


Oct. 08 Cross-Country Meet @Ashbridges Bay

Oct. 09 School Council Meetings (Roden @6pm – Equinox @7:20pm)

Oct. 10 TTC Photo Day, Gr. 7 & 8

Oct. 11 P.A. Day – No School for Students

Oct. 14 Thanksgiving Holiday – No School

Oct. 17 Gr. 8 Transition Evening

Oct. 23 School Photo Day – SAY CHEESE!

Oct. 25 Pizza Lunch

Oct. 30 Lice Check – Volunteers Needed (More volunteers = More checks)


 Mr. M. Lasso, Principal
Ms. J. Armstrong, Office Admin.
Mr. D. Turner, Chief CaretakerBoth EHAS and Roden P.S. share a building
and are both “allergy aware” and Gold
Level EcoSchools.
151 Hiawatha Road
Toronto, Ontario M4L 2Y1T: 416-393-8274
equinox@tdsb.on.caTwitter: @Equinox_Roden
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