Newsletter: May 10, 2013 — Vol. 16

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September 2013 Student Placements

Beginning this month, school staff will commence the process of placing students in classes for the next school year.  This task takes place over several weeks and involves consultations with teaching and support staff, administration and input from parents/guardians.  The placement of students is based on a number of factors such as:

  • age distribution
  • academic ability
  • work habits
  • teaching/learning styles
  • peer relationships
  • boy/girl ratio
  • positive leaders
  • special needs
  • teacher recommendations
  • resource team recommendations
  • parent information

We are one of the few schools that actively solicit parent input as to the unique qualities of your child that contribute to ensuring we form balanced classes that have the above-mentioned characteristics. Even though final placement decisions remain with the school, you are invited to provide input regarding your child and submit it to the Principal, Mr. Lasso, by May 17th.  Please consider the strengths and needs of your child, their optimal learning environment and/or any other information you feel would be helpful of which we are not aware.  Please keep in mind that requests for specific teachers will NOT be considered.  Once placements are made, because they involve confidential information about multiple students, we will not be able to provide detailed reasons for specific placements beyond the factors listed above.

Lunchroom Supervisors (LRS) Needed

As the TDSB rolls out more Full Day Kindergarten programs in neighbouring schools , there is an increased need for LRSs in our school and those nearby.  If you have extra time between 11:30am and 1pm, enjoy working with children and are looking for a part-time job, please visit > Employment > Lunchroom Supervisor to apply.

Milk Bags into Mats

Ms Vacrinos thanks each of you for bringing in your milk bags. As a building, we have been collecting for just three months and already we have just over 2 000 bags. This is enough to make four large mats for those in Haiti. Please continue to bring in your milk bags – ensure they are brought in dry and flat – and drop them off in the labeled box outside the office (below the white board) or to room 14. Thank you for your continued support.

Roden Breakfast Club Heroes

A big thank you goes out to:

Dorothy from Equinox for the potatoes and the onions – Charlotte caramelized the whole lot-ready for roasted potatoes next week

Susan Monnot of “Mama Earth Organics” for the seven litres of Harmony organic milk, organic cream and organic bananas.  We have NEVER had organic milk!  What a treat!

Piero Guadagnolo, Manager of Produce at Dave and Charlotte’s No Frills for the 40lb of russet potatoes, the case of bananas and the case of oranges.

We are very fortunate to have such generous contributors.  THANK YOU all!

Student Safety – Information for Children and Families

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection has produced three pamphlets about sharing personal information and general online/internet safety.  A few copies are available in our front foyer along with other pamphlets on school topics or may be viewed and downloaded at,,, and  Please take some time to review this information with your child(ren).

Recess Decision-Making

Through our Second Step, Peacemaker/Prefect and Recess Revival programs and adult supervision we are continually working to help our students make the best decisions when they are out at recess playing with each other.  As an example, some of our junior students look after refereeing their own games based on a set schedule or volunteers. This gives students the responsibility of making decisions but in a structured and supportive setting with adults nearby.  Parents of all our students may assist us by regularly reviewing the school’s Code of Conduct with their children and how it applies to recess play as well as discussing with them:

  • What are issues worth discussing with peers or seeking adult support vs. “letting it slide”
  • When to take a “step back” even it means not being part of the game or group that particular recess (.e.g. being too rough, not agreeing with the group’s rules, etc.)
  • Explaining situations that may require one person to compromise
  • Thinking before acting or speaking – Especially when it is a “heated moment”
  • How to “leave the game on the field” after the entry bell has rung
  • How to include others or oneself in a game – “You can’t say you can’t play!”
  • When it is okay to say “You can’t play” (e.g. being too rough, not following rules, not taking advice of the group, after giving the person a few chances, not taking an adult’s advice)


May 14                 Folkfest, 5:30pm @ East York CI (Raindate of May 16)

May27-June6     EQAO Assessment

May 24                 Roden Council Movie Night

May 31                 Pizza Lunch

June 06                 Welcome to Equinox Open House for New Families

June 07                 P.A. Day – No School for Students

June 14                 Equinox Council Movie Night

June 21                 Roden Council Fair, 4-8pm

June 26                 Equinox Graduation, 2pm

June 26                 Report Cards Go Home

June 27                 Last Day of School for Students

Important School Information

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