Whole Child School Update – May 2007

In Newsletter by Winston

Dear Whole Child School supporter,

We apologize for the delay in sending you an update on our progress and we really appreciate your patience. We are currently in the thick of the proposal writing stage, as well as developing our curriculum framework.

We ask that you continue to support our efforts and to remain patient with us as we work through this exciting developmental stage. We hope to have more definitive answers in the coming month or two, at which time we will send out another update. We recently added an FAQ page to our site which hopefully can answer some of your questions. I encourage you to read through it before sending an email.

In the meantime, if you have not already done so, we encourage you to complete our online survey so that we can better understand the overall level of interest in the school. This will be extremely helpful to us in our efforts to convince the TDSB that this school must open. The survey can be completed on our website at www.wholechildschool.ca.

We welcome any feedback you have, and will try our best to answer whatever questions you have at this time (that are not already answered on our FAQ page).

P.S. In a related initiative, some members of the Whole Child School committee are part of the Gaia School, a local parent-run Waldorf nursery/kindergarten. We are currently looking to fill a part-time space for a 3-6 year old in the Gaia School. If you are interested, please visit http://gaiaschool.googlepages.com Contact us at gaiaschool@gmail.com or call Alex at 416-465-8618

Thanks and be well,

Kelly Drennan
Whole Child School
Chair, Outreach Program